Carlos Moreno de Barreda

CEO and Happiness

Beatriz Tudela

and Numbers Hero

Sara Lucas

Account Director and
Deadline Fighter

Nacho Gómez

Managing and Business
Super Rockstar

Laura Casabò

Account Executive
and Briefing Killer

Roger Padrós

and Runner Entusiast

Ariadna Gutiérrez

Account Executive
and Dreamy Trendsetter

Victoria Solé

Account Executive
and Dog Sitter

Carla Peña

Account Executive
and Mail Queen

Nuria De Arizón

Creative Director
and Insight Ninja

Josu Iribarren

and Celebration Guru

Héctor Manrique

Art Director and
Too Fast Too Creator

Alba Ruiz

Creative Copywriter
and Word Wizard

Marta Guillén

Creative Copywriter
and Language Freak

Mariana Retana

Art Director and Video
Killed the Radio Star

Mara Sánchez

Art Director
and Hot Stuff Maker

Pablo Barangé

Graphic Designer
and Photoshop Magician

Virginia Esponera

Creative Copywriter and
Fantasy Explorer

Marina Portero

Creative Copywriter
and Trash Hunter

Marta Ortega

Motion Trainee
and Adobe Ruler

Elena Carreño

Producer Supervisor
and Party Manager

Josep Pinós

Producer and
Budget Master

Ricard Aparicio

Head of Social Media
and Sticker Boss

Mariona Valencia

Account Executive, Khaleesi of Performance
and Mother of Reports

Mònica Poma

Community Manager and
Influencer’s Wikipedia

Blanca Martínez

Producer and
Resources Warrior

Carla Burgos

Social Media Assistant
and Instagram Lover

Mariona Comas

Social Media Assistant
and Engagement Star

Alba Hidalgo

Account Executive
and Deadline Fighter

Andrea Fernández

Account Executive
and Brand Warrior

Nerea Balibrea

Administrative and
Expert of First Impressions

Rubén Martíns

Graphic Designer
and Website Ruler

Adrià Martí

Graphic Designer, Video Creator
and Undermut’s Soul


Security Manager
and Fluffy Best Friend